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Fashion Giveaway – FAD App

Fashion Giveaway – FAD App

Have you ever wished you could carry a digital fashion cheat sheet with you everywhere you go? I will be honest with you; being a fashion student myself, I often wished my various heavy study books, including garment category books, textile guide and fashion history manual could be all combined in one simple and light … Continue reading

  • 13- Which clues should have indicated to Bryon that Mark was selling drugs? I think Bryon should have been worried in the beginning about the fact that Mark was getting that much money without knowing how. It was a bit suspicious, and Bryon should have asked questions about it. Also, the fact that Mark knew the hippies and seemed to entertained a close relationship with them, was a clue that he was implicated in something weird with them. Bryon should have questioned himself when Mark told him he knew exactly where to find M&M since he knew a hippie house, because these were all good clues about Mark selling drugs.  Obviously, since the hippies smoke a lot of drugs, and since Mark wasn’t smoking any, the fact that he had been acting so friendly with then was a big clue.  14- In your opinion, why did Bryon call the cops on Mark? Honestly, I really don’t know why he did that. I was in shock when I read that, I couldn’t imagine how he could turn in his brother. But now that I am done with the book and I take a step back, I think he did that because he was lost in his mind and thought about this act like the only solution. He kept seeing M&M, sick for the rest of his life. That bright, kind and successful kid, now sick, weird and lost because of these stupid drugs that Mark dared to sell him illegally. He saw, for the first time, Mark as a person who never saw, and never will see the good and the bad in a society. I think he blamed Mark for all the misery that happened to his love, Cathy, and to his good friend M&M. He saw him as a criminal and called the cops for that justice is made.  15- In your opinion, why did Bryon and Cathy’s relationship end? I think Bryon and Cathy relationship ended because Mark wasn’t there anymore. We always need somebody to lean on first and then build other relationships around. Mark was more than Bryon’s best friend, he was his brother, his confident, his mentor, his idol. He saw himself in Mark. That is how he could have a girlfriend; knowing even if this relationship ends, he would still have Mark by his side. But now, Mark gone, he was left alone, his landmarks were gone and he wasn’t the same anymore and wasn’t feeling as a whole person. He felt empty and couldn’t feed his relationship with Cathy alone. So it ended. 16- What did you think of the ending? Was it predictable? What part of the story foreshadowed such an ending?  No, in my opinion, the ending of the story wasn’t predictable at all. I was taken by surprise when I read that Bryon had turned in Mark. But what I enjoyed the most was when he goes to visit him in prison and they have an argument. I would have never thought of an ending like that. It surprised me and I really enjoyed it. Actually, it was, by far, the best part of the book. I especially enjoyed when they replaced the quote of the beginning of the book that explains the meaning of the title. However, if I had known that Bryon would call the police to arrest Mark for selling hard drugs, I would have been able to foreshadow the reaction on Mark based on a quote he said in the beginning of the book. He said : If anybody ever hurt me like that, I’d hate them for the rest of my life. Knowing that, I could’ve foreshadowed that he would’ve liked to kill Bryon for turning him in. 17- In your opinion, did Bryon do the right thing by calling the police on Mark? Explain. I have to stay partial on this question because it is a really tricky one. First, yes I would say he did the right thing based on the law. Bryon is a good, well-educated boy and he knows the laws and what’s good and bad. Selling drugs is illegal. If it had been anybody, he would not have felt bad for turning in him because that is the thing to do. Society decides laws so then, we can live more peacefully. However, since it is Mark that we are talking about, it is way more different.  He is Bryon’s brother and he felt really bad to put him in prison even if it was the right thing to do. But, we know that Mark didn’t have a really good education and he doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, so I think putting him in prison just made him crazier and more ignorant. So for the goodness sake of Mark, it wasn’t the right thing. However, he would’ve never learned without being arrested what illegal means.